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Avala Home

About us

Our journey began a few years ago when we discovered container homes and instantly fell in love with the concept. We were captivated by the endless possibilities that shipping containers offered.

With several years of experience under our belts, we decided to embark on our own project – creating our very own holiday home using shipping containers. This project marked the beginning of our passion for container-based living.

However, the pivotal moment in our story arrived in 2019. During this significant year, we made a resolute decision to establish our very own company. This marked the initiation of our mission to design, construct, and market container homes. The passion and vision we had developed over the years led us to take this crucial step, enabling us to transform the concept of container living into a reality.

We initiated our Instagram journey with the aim of highlighting the diverse applications of shipping containers and documenting our evolving progress. This platform allowed us to share our passion for container-based living with a wider audience.

Our philosophy is rooted in addressing the growing challenges posed by overcrowded cities and the increasing desire for a lifestyle that offers freedom, functionality, and peace at a location of one's choosing. In response to these contemporary needs, we advocate for the use of container houses.

Container houses represent a solution that embodies the ideals of mobile and ecological living. They provide an unparalleled level of comfort while affording the flexibility to live in harmony with one's surroundings. These innovative homes are thoughtfully equipped with all the amenities required for a modern and upgraded lifestyle, making them a practical and sustainable choice for those seeking a better way of life.

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