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Model G33 exemplifies the epitome of container living, where innovation and adaptability are at the forefront. Built from a new 40ft container, it offers an ideal layout for one-bedroom apartments, seamlessly combining comfort and contemporary style. Its unique feature of garden access through the large sliding doors sets it apart. In a world where the possibilities of modern living are boundless, Model G33 stands as an open canvas, waiting for your vision. Whether it's a serene garden escape or an inviting vacation rental by the lake, Model G33 adapts to your aspirations, offering a fresh perspective on container living.

Construction is tested on earthquake, windstorm, and flooding conditions. 

We maintain high quality construction and have achieved “High Energy Class”.

Smart home features are optional

Shipping containers are very endurable since they are made out of corten steel. Because of its composition, corten steel exhibits increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steel.

Simply a better design
Quality above everything


40FT container homes have 27m2 living space


Internal insulation is made using polyurethane insulation which is 2x better 
then the traditional 


Windows are made from 7 chamber profile with triple glazed windows which save the energy and give you the feeling of isolation from the outside factors


Norwegian floor heating will give you the best experience in those cold winter days and our units come with a smart wifi system

Plug and play

All our containers are ready to connect to the electrical and 

plumbing network

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