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Why Containers?



  • Transportable

All our container homes are transportable. They can be delivered to any location and ready to be moved in.

  • Energy efficient

Avala Home uses one of the best insulation methods that are currently available on the construction market. Containers are being insulated with closed cell polyurethane foam which provides the best energy efficiency. Besides that, seven chamber triple glazed windows are being installed in every home.

  • Ecological

Nowadays, ecological materials are being used more and more in construction and our company is following that trend as well. With every new project, containers which finished their journey by transporting goods worldwide get a new purpose.

  • Durable

Containers are made out of special CORTEN steel. Therefore, they can be transportable numerous times without the fear of being damaged. Also, our container homes are durable and resistant to earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters.

  • Affordable

As mentioned earlier, we use ecological materials and the best quality equipment for our modular units. Therefore, we can proudly say that we have an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • Fast construction

The construction time depends on the project itself if it is a customized project. For instance, the construction time for a 27m2 unit can last 6-8 weeks. Transportation takes a day or two.

  • Modern

Residential homes and holiday homes made out of shipping homes with their modern industrial design can be adapted to any environment easily. Nowadays, smart container homes are being used as an inspiration in the construction market.

  • Flexible design

Besides modern design, our luxurious container homes can be arranged according to clients’ wishes. The client is the one who creates their own home. When it comes to container construction and design, possibilities are unlimited.

  • No permit

Permits aren’t needed for this type of construction. Of course, it is always advisable to contact the local council.

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